Municipality of Bluewater Vaccination Policy (Zurich Minor Hockey)

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Zurich Arena Entrance Requirements: 
The Municipality of Bluewater requires that anyone 12 years of age and older entering the arena provide their enhance vaccine certificate with QR code to show proof of full vaccination (2nd dose + 14 days). A piece of government issued ID will be required as well. 

**Due to capacity restrictions, a maximum of 2 spectators per player are allowed into the arena.**

Municipality of Bluewater Facilities Department
COVID-19 Return to Play Guidelines: Ice Rink Rentals

As we welcome the public back to Municipality of Bluewater Recreational Facilities, the safety of our patrons is a top priority. The following COVID-19 Return to Play procedure has been developed in accordance with standards and directives set by the Huron Perth Public Health Unit and the Ontario government. It outlines current COVID-19 guidelines and requirements for facility user groups. Please review important information below prior to your arrival.

Screening Protocols
All participants and spectators must screen for COVID-19 symptoms and show proof of vaccination (as of September 22, 2021) upon arrival to the arena. Facility staff will check proof of vaccination and conduct active screening at the arena entrance except for organized sport groups. For organized sport groups, it is the responsibility of the rental agreement holder to check-in participants and spectators on arrival at the facility. The rental agreement holders will screen and document names and phone numbers of everyone in the group. Forms must be made available within 24 hours if requested by Public Health. If Facility Staff are not present, it is the responsibility of the rental agreement holder to ensure the group sanitizes hands at facility entrances (provided by the Municipality).
If you or any member of your household have any symptoms or cannot pass the screening questions, do not come to the arena. If you feel sick, please stay home.

Proof of Vaccination Policy
The Municipality of Bluewater requires all facility users to review, understand and abide by the Province of Ontario’s Proof of Vaccination Policy.
Proof of Vaccination Policy News Release
Under the Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act (ROA), requires each patron who enters a recreational facility to provide, at the point of entry, proof of identification and proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
An individual is considered fully vaccinated if they have received:
• The full series of a COVID-19 vaccine authorized by Health Canada, or any combination of such vaccines, or
• One or two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine not authorized by Health Canada, followed by one dose of a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine authorized by Health Canada, or
• Three doses of a COVID-19 vaccine not authorized by Health Canada; and
• They received their final dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days before providing the proof of being fully vaccinated. 

Should an individual choose not to share the required information then, unless the ROA otherwise exempts them from this requirement, they will not be permitted to enter those businesses or organizations that require proof. In order to enter the business and organization, with limited exceptions:
• The patron must provide the required proof of identification and proof of
being fully vaccinated, and
• The business and organization must review and confirm the proof.

The proof of identification and proof of vaccination against COVID-19 requirements under O. Reg. 364/20 has exemptions, some of which include:
• Children under 12 years of age.
• Patrons under 18 years of age who are entering the indoor premises of a facility used for sports and recreational fitness activities solely for the purpose of actively participating in an organized sport.
o The exemption does not apply to youth who are spectators at sporting events.
• Patrons who provide a written document, completed and supplied by a physician (designated as “MD”) or by a registered nurse in the extended class (designated as “Registered Nurse (Extended Class)”, “RN(EC)”, “Nurse Practitioner” or “NP”) stating that the individual is exempt for a medical reason from being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and the effective time-period for the medical reason. Patrons with a medical exemption are required to present identification and a written document stating the individual is exempt for a medical reason to the business or organization.

The Municipality of Bluewater requires proof of vaccination for workers or volunteers of organized sport groups, including coaches and officials. 

Vaccine Certification Process
From September 22 to October 22
Proof of vaccination will be accepted if the person’s name and date of birth on their identification document matches the vaccination receipt with name and date of birth and if the person is fully vaccinated.
In advance of September 22, all Ontarians can print or download their vaccination receipt from the provincial booking portal.

Proving Identity
Validation of identification is considered to have been completed/successful when the name and date of birth of the presenter of the vaccination receipt and the name and date of birth on the identification document match. A photo identification is not required. Proof of identity can be established using documentation issued by an institution or public body, provided it includes the name of the holder and date of birth. Examples of identification documents that may be used to confirm the identity of the holder of the vaccine receipt include:
• Birth certificate
• Citizenship card
Revised 17/09/21 Page 5 of 14
• Driver’s licence
• Government (Ontario or other) issued identification card, including health card
• Indian Status Card /Indigenous Membership Card
• Passport
• Permanent Resident card

Next Steps
Ontario will develop and implement an enhanced digital vaccine certificate with unique QR (Quick Response) code and accompanying verification application that will allow users to securely and safely verify their vaccination status when scanned. The enhanced vaccine certificate, as well as a verification app to allow businesses or organizations to read the QR code, will be available beginning October 22. Following this date, patrons will be able to provide a paper copy or a digital copy of their enhanced vaccine certificate with QR to provide proof of vaccination. Older versions of the receipt will still be acceptable as proof of vaccination.

Facility Use Guidelines

• Arrive no earlier than 30 minutes prior to the rental time.
• Screen and sign-in before entering the stands.
• Siblings are permitted under the direct supervision of a parent/caregiver.
• Exit facility no later than 15 minutes following end of ice time.
• Remain in designated spectator areas and maintain physical distance at all times.
• Public washrooms will be available.
• Masks are required at all times. The face covering must cover a person’s nose, mouth and chin without gaping. Visit the Huron Perth Public Health Unit for a list of acceptable masks and face coverings. Face coverings will be required in all areas of the facility up until exiting the changeroom. Face coverings must immediately be put back on at the conclusion of the ice time.
• Masks may be removed when eating or drinking.
• User groups will have 15 minutes to exit the facility after leaving the ice.
• Off-ice warm-ups or dryland training are not permitted inside the facility.
• Everyone is expected to follow COVID-19 signage, hand sanitizing protocols and physical distancing practices.
• Practice good hygiene (avoid touching your face and cover your cough or sneeze).
• There will be no warm-ups or dryland training allowed in the facility.
• Wash hands frequently with soap and water. Use an alcohol-based sanitizer if soap and water are not available.
• All equipment/training aids brought onto the ice must be cleaned/disinfected after each use.
• Lobby washrooms will be available for participants/spectators.
• Washrooms will be open in dressing rooms, showers are permitted for a maximum of one person at any given time.
• Unruly behaviour including disregard of COVID-19 protocols, harassment, violence, or the threat of violence toward Municipal staff or other patrons will not be tolerated. The O.P.P. may be called by staff to assist with the removal of any individual who displays such behaviour.

Food and Drink

• Sharing of food and drink is only permitted by members of the same household.
• Individual food or beverages are permitted.
• Masks may be removed to eat or drink.
• Water bottle fill stations are open, but individuals are encouraged to arrive with a full water bottle.
• Garbage must be deposited in waste containers, not left behind on benches, dressing room floors or in stands.

Municipality of Bluewater’s Commitment
• Enhanced cleaning and sanitizing of facilities.
• Signage posted at each facility that states the capacity limits under which the facility is permitted to operate.
• Actively screen individuals who enter the facility in accordance with the advice, recommendations and instructions of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario.
• Ensure the HVAC system(s) are properly maintained.
• Stagger arrivals and departures, where possible, to reduce congestion at points of entrance and exit and in common areas.

Those who do not pass COVID-19 screening, refuse to wear a mask, or are unvaccinated (as of September 22, 2021, with the exceptions outlined in Reg 364/20) will be denied access to the building.